Collins GP

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Collins GP
Medical Center

Collins GP is a medical clinic that has been serving the community for over 20 years. They want to make their website more dynamic and easy to use, so they hired us to create a new site that would allow patients to book video Telehealth calls with their doctor, as well as reaching out to the doctor assistant via live chat.

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Collins GP also wanted an online booking form integrated with HotDoc, which would allow them to manage their back office and add new doctors

Collins GP wanted a versatile website that was easy to manage, yet versatile enough to grow with them as they added new services and resources. We created a site that includes blog posts, HotDoc booking buttons, electronic forms, email subscriptions; it even has Google maps integration!

“The best valued web developers, the team had a huge energy to push us to improve, great value”

Collins GP is a leading medical practice that also offers telehealth services. They were looking for a new website that would give their patients more access to important resources, including forms and video chat with the doctor.

We created a responsive mobile friendly site with an easy-to-use design that gave them the flexibility they needed while keeping things simple enough for any doctor to use. We added over 15 service pages so visitors could find exactly what they needed without having to bounce around from page to page